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02/27/1807 He was born February 27, 1807, in Portland, the son of Stephen Longfellow and Zilpah Wadsworth Longfellow

1826 Longfellow set out for Europe to turn himself into a scholar and a linguist.

1829 He travelled in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and England, and then finaly returned to America

1831 He married Mary Storer Potter, whom he had known as a schoolmate.

1834 He was appointed to a professorship at Harvard and once more set out for Europe by way of preparation

1835 His wife, Mary, died while Rotterdam and Longfellow came alone to Cambridge and the new professorship.

1841 Ballads and Other Poems

1842 Seven years after he came to Cambridge, Longfellow married Frances Appleton, daughter of Nathan Appleton, and Craigie House was given to the Longfellows as a wedding gift.

1844 Poems on Slavery

1847 Evangeline

1854 he resigned from Harvard and gave himself entirely to the task of his own poetic writing.

1855 The Song of Hiawatha

1858 The Courtship of Miles Standish

1861 His second wife, Fanny ,died of burns from a terrible accident

1863 Tales of a Wayside Inn

1867 his translation of Dante`s Divine Comedy

1878 Keramos

03/24/1882 He died on March 24, 1882.




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